Abstract Submission Due Date : March 1, 2010
Notification of Abstract Acceptance : April 5, 2010
Full Paper Submission Due Date : June 11, 2010
Final Camera Ready (Accepted Paper) Up Due Date : June 11, 2010
Late News Papers Due Date : July 1, 2010
Abstracts (also called Extended Summary) - 2 pages , no exceptions.
Full Papers - Up to 4 pages
  Page Margin - US Letter, Top Margin - .75", Bottom Margin - 1.0", Side Margins - .625"
  Headers, Footers, Page numbers
  Author names should be listed in the order of First Name, Middle initial (if any), and Last Name (surname).
Do not indicate any memberships unless the author is a member of the IEEE.
  Figures should have a resolution of 300 dots per inch.
Test Print your document to ensure that the figures are clear. Also print your document on a black and white printer to ensure that coloring is distinguishable in the black and white format.
  Refer to template below for reference styles
  A template is provided for the 2-page abstract and full paper. The abstract is 2 pages while the full paper is 4 pages or less.
Abstract and Full Paper   ,   ,
Abstract (Extended Summary) examples from Nano '07 (Nano 08 is using US Letter template).
  ,   ,   ,

  A poster board (width: 100cm, height: 150cm) will be provided. The title, author names, author affiliation should be clearly marked.